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Everybody wants something new, and over our forthcoming newsletters we will introduce new materials that we hear about. If you would like to receive these on a regular basis and stay up to date, please complete the form on the right...

Vegetarian Chondroitin Sulphate. The recent availability of this new material makes it possible to produce a fully vegetarian Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement. Put into vegetarian all-natural capsules there is no need for any allergen labelling. You can also combine it with other vegetarian allergen free ingredients like MSM or Manganese.

Vitamin K2. We are great fans of this new vitamin, some of the clinical studies showing its ability to improve bone density are impressive, and some of the personal testimonies are quite stunning. It’s also very easy to add K2 to existing Calcium and Vitamin D because addition levels are low.

Krill Oil. Everybody has heard of Krill. Since its appearance about 7 years ago its quality has improved dramatically and today’s Krill has increased in activity (more EPA/DHA) and less salts to decrease its smell. Some of the most potent grades have enough EPA & DHA in 2 capsules to meet the level for an EFSA Health Claim at 250mg EPA/DHA.

If you would like us to produce formulas with any of these new ingredients, please get in touch.

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